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Has a recent home inspection turned up mold in your dream home or in the home you are trying to sell?

Gordon Mycology Laboratory, Inc. recognizes the demanding pace of real estate transactions and has developed services geared to meet those needs.

Whether you are buying or selling, you may want to have the house inspected for mold for a variety of reasons.

Mold Inspection For Realtors

Would you like to make the sale of a house proceed more smoothly? While suggesting cosmetic improvements to your sellers is helpful, you may also want to recommend a mold inspection. Determining if a home has a mold problem before it goes on the market can save everyone time, money and the possibility that the sale may be delayed while waiting for an inspection. If there has been a history of water intrusion, roof leaks or high humidity in a basement it is a good decision to have the home inspected before it gets listed. The public has become increasingly aware of “toxic mold” and “black mold” in the last few years. If a home inspector sees evidence of moisture or potential mold growth, everything can come to a halt with the real estate process. The information in the GML reports can ease the minds of both sellers and buyers and keep the process moving forward.

GML offers a “Basic” inspection, which includes laboratory results and a comprehensive, written report generally within 2-3 business days. This inspection includes a visual inspection and one surface sample collected of suspected mold to confirm and document its presence. We are able to provide recommendations at the time of the inspection so everyone has an understanding of the problem and necessary actions to mitigate it.

A more comprehensive, or “Full” inspection may include indoor air quality samples, surface samples, and wall/ceiling cavity samples when applicable (ie: walls or ceilings affected by a roof or pipe leak). Verbal laboratory results are available in 7 days with a more detailed, extensive report being sent out by email, fax and mailed 10-14 days from the date of inspection. Clearly, the “Full” inspection provides more information regarding a potential mold problem and its severity. If given enough time, the seller can have the initial inspection, remediation and “Clearance” testing completed all before the house goes on the market. A “Full” inspection will answer many questions for potential buyers and take away the surprise factor of finding mold that no one was aware of in the home. A “Clearance” inspection will hopefully confirm the success of mold remediation so there is a “clean bill of health” for the affected areas.

By being pro-active and suggesting a mold inspection before the house goes on the market you will expedite the entire process of selling a property.

Mold Inspection For Home Sellers

Are you thinking of selling your house but have not put it on the market yet, it is the perfect time to have GML perform a comprehensive mold inspection. Why not find out if you have a large problem that needs extensive remediation, a small mold problem that is easily remedied, or no problem at all? Many homes do not have mold problems but the heightened awareness of “black mold” and “toxic mold” has caused home buyers to be on the alert. Before the time crunch begins and you are in a panic to find someone to test and then remove mold, you will already know the condition of the house and how to proceed.

By having GML inspect your home before it goes on the market, you could be saving many thousands of dollars. We can provide you with all the necessary information regarding the potential mold in your home, the remediation actions needed, and we can recommend companies that have shown long-term proven success in the mold remediation business. Our experience in the real estate world has shown us time and time again that if a problem is found early on the sale usually proceeds more smoothly. Often times we get asked to inspect a home in the middle of a sale, sometimes just days before passing papers. Because real estate is time sensitive, we see unnecessary delays and sometimes buyers will walk away from the deal simply because they want to move forward immediately without the hassle of a mold problem added to the situation. Results for a complete mold test usually takes 7-10 days so it is a good idea to plan accordingly.

Mold Inspection For Home Buyers

A small investment now can prevent a large expense later. GML can quickly set up an appointment to visually inspect the house and if necessary collect samples to confirm, identify, and document the presence of mold contamination. A report for a Basic Inspection is normally ready within 2-3 business days of the inspection date and will include the lab results, explanation of the results, and a complete guide to the appropriate remediation. GML also provides mold prevention tips in our comprehensive reports.

You may have children or family members who have asthmatic or sinus conditions or maybe someone moving into the house is already sensitive to mold allergens or other mold chemicals. In these cases you may choose our “Full”, comprehensive evaluation of the house. This includes the collection of air quality samples, surface samples, as well as cavity sampling to discover “hidden” mold sources (i.e. water damaged walls). Results from this type of inspection are available in 7-10 business days and a more detailed, extensive report with all recommendations is sent out within 10-14 days from the inspection date.

Why not find out if there is a mold problem before you actually buy, or worse, move into the house? No one wants to inherit someone else’s problems, but if it happens to be a mold problem, it could end up costing thousands of dollars and potentially risk the health of those who will be living in the house. Once you know the extent of the mold problem and get remediation quotes, you can present our report to a company you are comfortable with, knowing they will follow our specific recommendations.

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